We've updated the blog! Read About It!

  • 8th October 2020
We hate blogging but it does work to beef up sales and help your SEO rankings so we decided to find something we like about it at least and we LOVE when the numbers go up. So we started blogging. We will try to keep them simple, relatable, and easy to read for your learning knowledge.   This is a good post if you need to learn how to edit ...
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Affiliate Payment

  • 11th December 2018
2018 was great and we paid out over $6,000 in affiliate payments this year.  Our biggest year ever,! Affiliate payments will only go out ONE TIME this month and you should see it in your Paypal accounts on or before the 18th.  If you opted to receive a check they have been mailed out already and your signature is required. Moving forward in ...
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Join Our Preferred Partners network 2018

  • 5th June 2018
We are looking for 40-60 industry professionals to do some serious networking with us. Become a Preferred Partner and get social media exposure, SEO tracking, and client referrals. Partner Qualification Requirements Only Premium hosting accounts with Salon IDm HQ qualify to be a Preferred Partner. Premium hosting accounts are any account at $25 ...
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We're Updating Salon IDm HQ and adding more options!

  • 24th September 2016
We just love our options so we decided to offer them to you! You can now log in and access your client area account directly from your cPanel! Submit tickets, manage domains, get in touch with customer service, add new podoucts and services and even upgrade or downgrade your current service. How does that sound for convience?We thought you would ...
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